Family Critical Illness

Many families have suffered the physical, emotional and financial effects of a family member being diagnosed with a critical illness.

What if it were your family? How prepared is your family to handle the effects of a critical illness? What can you do to mitigate the negative repercussions?

JN Life FAMILY AIDE is designed to aid in filling the gaps in your family’s health and disability insurance coverage to ensure that you can:

  1. Pay to access quality healthcare
  2. Provide income replacement for yourself and family
  3. Clear loans and/or make mortgage and car loan payments
  4. Fund your family’s education and household expenses
  5. Facilitate rehabilitation and more

JN Life AIDE pays to you, the Insured, the full coverage amount upon:

  • The first diagnosis of a covered critical illness on each member of your family, covered under this plan. *
  • Unemployment Waiver of Premium- premiums will be waived for up to two (2) months if you become unemployed. *
  • Ambulance Benefit- JN Life will reimburse up to J$15,000.00 paid for ambulance transportation to hospital or other treatment centres where a covered critical illness was diagnosed.

*conditions apply

Claim Notification

Written notice of claim must be submitted to JN Life within 30 days of the first diagnosis and in no event later than 6 months after. Failure to submit notification within this timeframe will invalidate the claim.

Waiting Period

Claims will only be honoured if the diagnosis is after the Policy has been in force for the following times:
• Cancer - 90 days
• Pre-existing conditions-12 months
• All other claims-30 days


Claims arising from attempted suicide, intentionally, self-inflicted injury or action, criminal action or actions caused or contributed to by the influence of intoxicants, narcotics or insanity will be excluded.


  1. Provides Critical Illness Insurance coverage for yourself and up to five (5) additional members of your family inclusive of spouse, children, parents and parents-in- law.*
  2. Coverage Options: $1,000,000.00; $2,000,000.00; $4,000,000.00; $6,000,000.00
  3. Your family members are covered for 50% of your sum insured.
  4. No medical examination required for onboarding
  5. Insurance coverage up to age 80 years*
  6. Eligibility ages: 18 to 60 years at time of application except children who are eligible from 0 to 26 years.
  7. Coverage is reduced for each Life Insured upon his attainment of age 70 years.


Coverage will terminate for all Life Insureds on the earliest of:

  1. The date you request that the Policy be terminated.
  2. The 31st day after the Basic Premium becomes overdue.
  3. The date you (Main Insured) are diagnosed with a Critical Illness.

Coverage will terminate for each Life Insured on the earliest of:

  1. The date you (Main Insured) request the termination of the coverage for the family
  2. The date the Dependent Child attains age 26 years;
  3. The date the Family Member is first diagnosed with a Critical Illness.

*conditions apply