JN Individual Retirement Scheme

Do Your Future a Favour...
plan early for your retirement

Economic challenges are a part of everyday life. However, the JN Individual Retirement Scheme (JNRS) is designed to ensure that you do not have to worry about financial uncertainty when you retire.

This is why contributing to your retirement is important.

  • Your pension contributions are taken from your gross salary before taxes are computed, thus giving you a tax advantage
  • Your contributions grow faster than saving in a regular bank account
  • You become a part of the pension scheme as soon as you sign up
  • Your pension funds move with you each time you change jobs
  • Your funds cannot be accessed by creditors
  • Your pension payments are guaranteed

The funds you contribute will be invested,
so you can earn higher returns

Choose the type of funds you want to invest in:

  • Diversified
  • Equity
  • Fixed Income
  • Foreign Currency

When you become a part of the JNRS, you will be able to:

  • Track your pension status through our online portal.
  • Access your funds in the event of terminal or critical illness
  • Be a part of the JN Group family and benefit from discounts from merchants who are a part of the JN Rewards Programme

Contribute up to 20 per cent of your salary

  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Annually

 Who can save for retirement (Eligibility)

 You can become a part of the JNRS if you are:

  • Over 18 and under the age of 64
  • Self employed
  • Employed but not contributing to an approved company pension plan or retirement scheme
  • Resident in Jamaica
  • Able to contribute a minimum of 5 per cent of your salary per year

JN Life Insurance Company is not in the business of offering investment products. Investment option is provided by JN Fund Managers Limited.