Credit Card Creditor Life Insurance

The use of credit card as a payment method is growing at a phenomenal rate. Credit Card Creditor Life Insurance offers protection if an individual is unable to pay the credit card balance due to critical illness or death.


  • Repayment of outstanding credit card balance in the event of death or critical illness of up to J$1 million
  • Coverage of up to two persons on a credit card account
  • No medical underwriting required
Portrait of african american woman paying in cafe with credit ca


Credit Cardholders who are between 18 and 70 years of age.


An enrollment form is completed for the primary and secondary cardholder. An enrollment certificate of insurance is issued to the cardholder(s) as proof of insurance.

Maximum Insurable Limit

The outstanding balance on the credit card at date of death, or diagnosis of a critical illness not exceeding J$1 million.

Termination of Insurance Coverage

Coverage terminates upon settlement of death or critical illness claim. Auto termination of coverage upon reaching age 71. Cancellation of the credit card.