JN Life Insurance Company has underwritten half of the cost to conduct diagnostic tests for students attending 20 schools in East Rural St Andrew. The presentation took place at the Louise Bennett-Coverley All-Age School on September 15.

The tests were conducted by The Mico University College Child Assessment and Research Education (CARE) Centre from September 21 to 25.

“It was not a hard decision to assist the education initiative,” said Oliver Tomlinson, general manager of JN Life Insurance Company. “We want young Jamaicans to be able to achieve at the highest level, and these test results will help educators to design appropriate programmes accordingly.”

Jodi-Ann Reid of The Mico CARE Centre said her institution would be conducting the diagnostic tests on more than 300 students across East Rural St Andrew, and explained that the centre was pleased to be a part of the programme, given that it was designed to assist children who may have learning deficiencies.