There is a maxim that says life begins after retirement, and whole life nutritionist, Dr Eloreen Pryce, sees retirement as an opportunity for people to be active and healthy.

The nutritionist advises that retirement is not the end, but the beginning, or continuation of a healthy life and staying active is one way in which seniors can enjoy their years.

 “My first recommendation to seniors is to exercise. Exercise should be walking or swimming because these forms of exercises put the least pressure and strain on the body at that age,” she advised. “Exercise helps with your breathing, helps prevent or manage many lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and myriad other illnesses and improves your mental health.”

She adds that in addition to exercising, seniors should pursue other healthy habits such as preparing healthier meals.

“This is a perfect time to prepare the healthy meals that time didn’t allow you to prepare during your work years. Your meals should be wholesome and low in sugar and salts and high in vitamins and minerals. They should also consume plenty of low, or no calorie liquids such as water and coconut water and strive to get 25-30 minutes of sun per day and fresh air,” she stated.

Dr Pryce affirms that retirement years should also be a time to be positive and to also volunteer time to good causes.

“You should also spend some time to meditate, read, pursue new hobbies and volunteer to help others. If you have grandchildren and you have a particular skill, you can use that opportunity to teach them as well. You can also become a part of service clubs and other initiatives such as church groups. These activities are beneficial because they keep you occupied and mentally stimulated,” she shared.

Hugh Reid, General Manager, JN Life Insurance opines that in addition to exercising, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and volunteering, seniors can remain active during retirement by engaging in several activities.

“One thing they can also consider doing is gardening. It is not just a chore, it is also a great hobby that helps you to stay healthy and active. You can grow flowers, fruits or vegetables which can also supplement your income, allow you to exercise and develop a passion. It is also a good way to get vitamin D,” he said.

Mr Reid added that starting a business, or learning about financial matters, such as investing, is also a good way to remain active.

“Many people may view starting a business in retirement as stressful. However, this is a good opportunity to use the experience and wisdom you gained while working to establish a successful operation,” he said.

“If you decide to take up entrepreneurship in retirement, think about how much it will cost you to start the business and how feasible it will be. You don’t want to invest all your retirement income into something that may not succeed so be sure to do a business plan and seek guidance where needed to ensure your venture will succeed,” he advised.

The life insurance executive adds that whatever path someone chooses in their retirement years, they should try to remain healthy.

“Remember, you need a balance. Enjoy yourself and remain active. Practise a healthy lifestyle, and look after your mental health by taking time out for yourself as well. Retirement is just the beginning of an exciting new chapter of your life,” he said.