Kay Osborne, MBA, BSc.

Kay Osborne is the President and CEO of Kay Osborne Associates Ltd, a management and communication consulting company, formed in May 2012. Miss Osborne, who joined the JN Life Insurance Board in 2012, graduated summa cum laude with a communication degree from Northwestern University, Illinois, USA and earned an MBA in International Business from the Mona School of Business, UWI. She also holds marketing and project management certifications.

Miss Osborne is an accomplished senior executive with more than 30 years of diverse leadership experience with Fortune 500 and emerging growth companies in the USA and with Television Jamaica (TVJ), where she led its transformation to become Jamaica’s leading television station. She also led the TVJ team that developed an online strategy, including an interactive website that attracts approximately two million visitors each month. During her time in the USA, Ebony magazine named Ms. Osborne among Corporate America’s top 100 black women, and she received the Pillsbury Award for Excellence for women in international business in Corporate America.

She voluntarily led a team that developed a programme to reduce recidivism among incarcerated women in the USA’s largest prisonsystem, where most inmates are African American.