Othneil Blagrove, Senior Manager for Sales, JN Life Insurance Company.

“Many persons are opting to find creative means, or a side job, to earn an income during retirement; and this is commendable because the extra income can supplement their pension from their retirement scheme, or from the National Insurance Scheme,” says Othneil Blagrove, Senior Manager for Sales, JN Life Insurance Company.

“The pension each month is fixed, therefore, when living expenses continue to rise, then this can pose a financial challenge for retirees to get by,” he explained.

Mr Blagrove further pointed out that an additional source of income can help retirees to take care of sudden unexpected expenses, such as: a medical emergency, to undertake retirement plans, or a vacation abroad. The funds can also be used to start a small business.

“In addition to earning an income, retirees who continue to work will benefit from the social connection with colleagues, a need which tends to be more meaningful during retirement years,” he underscored.

Three Ways Retirees Can Supplement Their Income During Retirement:

  1. Consultancy or Freelance Services

Retirees who were experts in their career and are quite knowledgeable about a subject area, may consider extending their service. A good place to begin is your former place of employment, where superiors would be familiar with your skills. Alternately, you may:

  • Approach competitors in your former industry for employment
  • Conduct workshops
  • Be a presenter at a workshop or seminar, as well as
  • Being a life coach to help someone to achieve success in their career  

If you were a specialist teacher or lecturer, you may seek to provide private tutoring. If you were a retired nurse you may consider working in a nursing home or providing private care to an elderly person or someone who is incapacitated.

Furthermore, online talent marketplaces, such as Fiverr and Upwork, are excellent opportunities for freelancers worldwide.  One can search for work on these sites and bid for jobs.

  1. Caregiving Services

Looking after a child can be rewarding. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in children remaining at home and having classes online. This is an excellent opportunity to provide caregiving services on behalf of parents, who go to work and need someone to supervise their children, in their absence.

Where face-to-face classes are taking place, you can provide pick up services, as some parents may be reluctant in having their children taking public transportation, for safety reasons.

Alternatively, you may consider providing caregiving services to a sick or an aged person.

  1. Consider Your Home As A Source Of Income

Perhaps your children have all grown and left home, which means that you have a room or two which you could possibly rent. Not only will you be earning an income, but you could also benefit from the companionship of the person sharing your home. 

Operating an Airbnb is a lucrative alternative, as more income can easily be earned from renting extra rooms in your home for a few days, rather than renting for the month. 

Moreover, you may rent a room as a temporary storage space for families with furniture and equipment, who are in transition, relocating, or who need these items for safe keeping, as a result of moving into a smaller home. An unoccupied garage also can be used to park a vehicle for someone who will be away for an extended period. 

Furthermore, you can earn from fruit trees in your yard.

Retirement can be a rewarding phase in a person’s life.  Those persons who are able to earn an extra income during retirement often find it to be fulfilling, not only became of the financial security that it provides, but also the sense of purpose which is achieved.